Bents Basin camping

Bents Basin is a long-kept secret for a serene, spacious, and well-maintained camping site. When you camp in bents basin you get a spacious area of your own and a fire pit for a campfire. It is very close to nature and as a bonus, you get a well-maintained toilet and hot shower facility! Nothing can be more awesome than this! But the greatest gift of camping in Bents Basin is to be able to bathe in the waterhole next to it.
The waterhole is 5-7 minutes’ walking distance from the actual camping site. It is the water hole where the Nepean River lands after running through Blue Mountain and runs off for another canal. This waterhole has constantly new fresh and sweet water. The water hole basement is well maintained and smoothed up so that you don’t have to stand on an uneven surface. There is a fishing pond for plenty of fish as well as tracks. Bents Basin is a Gold mine for campers. Check it out.
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