How to Prepare for a Fishing Trip


If you are new to recreational fishing, buying your first fishing tackle can be overwhelming. Navigating the aisles of a big retail store to find the essential items can be intimidating, especially when there seem to be endless options and it's almost impossible to know where to begin without spending a fortune. While there are countless ways to approach gearing up for your first trip to the lake, river, or sea, these 10 essential pieces of gear will put you on the right path for bringing fish to shore.

  1. Fishing Rod /Reels

If you never own a fishing rod and want to buy a rod for you first fishing please follows the following rule of thumb

  • Type of fishing rod depends what type of fishing you are going for. There are fly fishing which is for the people who have been fishing for a while and there is hanging line fishing which suits a beginner.
  • Always buy a rod which is 30cm longer than your height.
  1. Fishing Line

If you are a beginner and going to fish in a lake or river it’s good to buy clear line which fish cannot see, they also called braided line. If you are going fly fishing or fishing in the sea it’s better to bring a line which is stronger and will not tangled and break easily.

  1. Hooks

No fishing tackle box is complete without a variety of fish hooks. Single hooks or treble? It‘s a choice everyone has to make when they’re buying fishing hooks. The Treble Hooks are good for pike, or  freshwater perch, while the single hooks are better for trout, grayling and rainbow fish. You may also need to add some split rings and swivels to your order. But as a beginner, the single hooks are the way to go.

  1. Bait & Lures

Bait is what you will need to lure fish to your hook. It always good to use live bait or fresh bait. You can buy silicon bait from sunny Sydney Australia or you can also buy a packet of bait from Freddy’s.


  1. Sinker

Sinkers are the essential item of you fishing gear which sinks light fishing hooks under the water with your bait or lures. It’s recommended to bring more than few of them when you go fishing because they are easy to be lost during fishing.


  1. Swivel 

This is a very useful item in you fishing gear where you attach your lures and white fish is turning and twisting these swivel let you line twist and turn without breaking. Like sinkers it’s recommended to bring them more than few as it’s easy to be lost during fishing.


  1. Sunglass and Hat

It is highly recommended to bring a sunglass and a hat when you go fishing. If you are a beginner or a pro this will let you feel comfortable while fishing.


  1. Pliers: Pliers is the tool that you will need to take off the hooks from fish mouth. Make sure this I included in you fishing tackle box, otherwise you could find yourself in a difficult situation when you catch a fish.


  1. Fishing Bag:  Now you need a tackle box to keep all your tools in one bag. You can buy a tackle box from Sunny Sydney Australia which even have the option to store fish with water.


  1. Patience:  Patience what you need for fishing. Prepare for a fishing mindset. Idle time in fishing can be therapeutic; it has the valuable self reflection opportunity which is not generally available in a bustle of life. 
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