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Dog Life Jacket

Dog Life Jacket

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Embark on water adventures with the ultimate dog flotation gear. Its safety-focused design guarantees carefree fun and enables quick removal in emergencies, ensuring prompt action. Ideal for boating and water sports with your beloved furry companion.

Size Chart:

  • X-Small: Body Length: 7.9'', Neck Girth: 12.6-13.8'', Chest Girth: 14.2-16.5'' (Most Important), Recommended Weight 2.2-13.2 lb.

  • Small: Body Length: 10.6'', Neck Girth: 13.4-15.0'', Chest Girth: 17.3-21.3'' (Most Important), Recommended Weight 13.2-17.6 lb.

  • Medium: Body Length: 13.0'', Neck Girth: 16.9-19.7'', Chest Girth: 21.3-25.2'' (Most Important), Recommended Weight 17.6-48.5 lb.

  • Large: Body Length: 15.7'', Neck Girth: 18.9-21.7'', Chest Girth: 24.4-29.1'' (Most Important), Recommended Weight 48.5-61.7 lb.

  • X-Large: Body Length: 17.7'', Neck Girth: 21.3-23.6'', Chest Girth: 28.3-31.9'' (Most Important), Recommended Weight 61.7-88.2 lb.

  • 2X-Large: Body Length: 19.7'', Neck Girth: 24.4-27.6'', Chest Girth: 32.3-36.2'' (Most Important), Recommended Weight 88-110 lb.

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